Our Mission

Great stories connect us to the world around us and make people care. Fuel the Internet we love by supporting real storytellers to produce inspiring and contagious content.

Why? For years the SEO industry has worked tirelessly to manipulate Google without much thought for the real people they are trying to reach. This has led to a quagmire of benign content with no purpose other than to trick a search engine algorithm.

The days of ticking the boxes of what Google's algorithm wants are dead and buried, SEO is a benefit of content, not a reason for it.

Bad content pollutes the Internet and dilutes the digital media ecosystem. It clogs search results, litters social media and spams email inboxes. We all need to remember that behind every click, post, tweet, comment and link is a person like you and me.

Since we first launched Content Fuel it has been our mission build a better world of content by connecting brands with real storytellers and supporting them with the skills and technology they need to get their story heard.

We have a vision

The UK's best storytelling talent consistently delivering great content for brands

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